3 Creative, Low-Cost Storage Solutions For Various Rooms Throughout The House


So, you're on a budget and you desperately need some storage space in the home that doesn't take hours to create? Here are three interestingly clever storage solution ideas for three different rooms that can be mixed and matched throughout the house: 1. In the Kitchen: Use a CD Rack to Store Tupperware Lids. The dreaded Tupperware. It is virtually impossible to neatly store those lids and containers. This is particularly true if you have kids.

4 November 2015

Stock Your Thrift Shop With Self-Storage Auctions


No matter if you already have a thrift shop or you are planning to open one up soon, getting enough stock to earn a decent profit is important. If you have been visiting yard sales and flea markets to gather used clothing and other goods for filling the shelves of your thrift shop, you may be spending too much. Check out how you can get a lot of thrift shop merchandise by participating in self-storage auctions.

17 September 2015

4 Tips To Make A Long Distance Move Less Stressful


Moving to a new home can be fun and exciting, but moving far away can take a lot more planning and may be more stressful than a shortdistance move. If you're planning an upcoming long distance move, you can take steps to better prepare so that you have less worry. Take a look at the following helpful tips to better understand the ways in which you can make a long distance move less stressful.

15 September 2015

Tips For Using Mini Storage Buildings


If you live in a large city, there's a good chance that you are going to have a small apartment that won't be able to fit all of your personal possessions. This can be especially frustrating to those who are sentimental and want to keep everything, from all of the birthday cards that they have received over the years to the artwork that their children made for them six or seven years ago.

14 September 2015

Three Ways To Organize Your Storage Trailer


Renting a storage trailer to provide a temporary home for some of your possessions is convenient when you're renovating your home or business or tackling another project that requires you to move items out of your space. Unlike relocating your items to a storage facility, filling a trailer located in your home's driveway or your business' parking lot gives you convenient access to what you need. It's easy to allow a renovation project to become overwhelming, which can prompt you to load the trailer as quickly as possible in order to clear the space in your building.

10 September 2015

Secure Your Property With Confidence And Without Waste - A Size Guide For Storage Units


Balancing the requirements of storage with the necessity of getting the greatest amount of productivity out of your space can be a difficult challenge for any home or business owner. Commercial self storage facilities offer a fiscally sound alternative that can guarantee proper storage and securing of your belongings, but many people hesitate to rent such a unit out of a fear of wasting their rent money or having inadequate space.

9 September 2015

Is Your Cluttered Home Making You Sick?


Having a home that's cluttered with extraneous stuff can take a toll on your self-esteem. But did you know that it can potentially affect your overall mood and health, as well? This guide will look at the ways clutter affects you, and what you can do to easily reverse the effects.   Depression If having a cluttered home makes you feel bad, you're not alone. Studies have found a correlation between people living in cluttered homes experiencing higher levels of stress and depression.

31 August 2015

Threats To Wood Furniture In Long-Term Storage


Wood furniture may look strong and impregnable in normal usage, but they are quite fragile when stored for long periods of time. Damage can come from many quarters, but there are a few specific threats you ought to be worried about. Here are four such threats: Temperature Just like many solids, wood expands when heated and contracts when cooled. The effect may not be noticeable or worrisome for small changes in temperature, but it can lead to serious damage if the temperature fluctuations are too wide.

29 August 2015

How To Pack Up And Store Holiday Decorations


After the holidays are over, it is time to pack up and store your holiday decorations. By packing them properly, you can keep the lights from getting knotted up and the tree from being invaded by insects while they are stored. Here are some tips for packing the decorations so you don't have a mess when you retrieve them next year. Use the Right Box for Your Tree One of the first things you will need to pack up after the holidays are over is your Christmas tree.

27 August 2015

Three Ways to Save On the Cost of Your Storage Unit


When you've had enough of the extra items piling up inside your home but aren't yet ready to sell them at a garage sale, a logical alternative is to rent a unit at a mini storage facility. This space can help you clear out your home and can serve as a temporary location for the items that you don't use on a regular basis but that you still wish to keep.

27 August 2015