How To Make The Most Of Your Self Storage Unit


People rent storage units for a variety of reasons. Whether you just have too many items for your home or apartment to hold or you need a safe place to store your things until you get moved in to a new place, storage units offer a wonderful and affordable solution. However, before you rent your first storage unit, there are a few tips you should know that can really come in handy when it comes to making the most of your storage unit.

Gather Your Items Ahead of Time

First things first, before you even start looking into storage units, go ahead and gather all of the items you will be putting in storage. That way, you'll have a realistic idea of how much stuff you have and how much space you'll need.

All too often, people underestimate the bulk of everything they will be storing, which can lead to renting a space that is too small. Gathering your items ahead of time will help you get the right size storage unit to meet your needs. You're going to have to gather your items anyway, so there's definitely no harm in getting it over with!

Invest in Some Wooden Pallets

Once you've got your storage space all lined up and you are ready to move your items in, make sure you have some wooden pallets on hand. You can find pallets very cheaply at hardware stores. Some grocery stores will even give them away for free if you ask.

You can use the pallets to keep your boxes, furniture, and other items off the floor. This will protect your goods in the event that your storage unit floods, gets an influx of snow, or runs into some other problem that causes damage to the floor.

Rent a Climate-Controlled Unit

When choosing your storage unit, don't just go with any business that offers unit rentals. Instead, look for one that offers climate-controlled units. This will keep your items from getting too hot or too cold, and it will also protect against damage caused by humidity. Cold temperatures can lead to cracking of wooden furniture and other items, while hot temperatures can lead to warping and melting. Humidity can cause water damage to furniture and papers.

If you can follow these simple tips, you can have a great experience with storing your items short-term or long-term. Contact a company like Acorn Self Service Storage to see what they have available.


17 May 2016

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