Freeing Up Storage Space For Your Old Home


Given that older homes are often not constructed with the same level of efficiency in mind as newer homes, you may find that your older home does not have a lot of space. This can lead to you being forced to place your belongings in storage or to even move to a different home. While placing seasonal items in storage is usually a good idea, since you can easily cut down on the clutter, you can reduce the size of the storage unit you must rent by knowing how to make the most of the space in an old home.

Find All The Nooks

Look for nooks and crannies that are going unused. This can include small crawlspaces and space underneath the stairs. For storage locations that are more awkward to reach, move belongings there that you will not use as often.

Look For Unconventional Places To Store Belongings

You do not have to place all of your belongings exactly where they belong. For instance, if you have extra space at the top of your medicine cabinet, you can place objects that are not vulnerable to moisture in the cabinet, even those items that are not related to the bathroom, such as paper plates.

Buy Furniture With Storage

When purchasing new furniture, look for pieces that can double as storage. For instance, there are beds that come with shelves, couches that have storage space underneath and tables that come with compartments for storing belongings. These types of furniture allow you to make more use of the space in your home.

Remove Unnecessary Furniture

Think about how each piece of furniture affects the flow of your home. If a piece of furniture feels like it just doesn't fit, it might be time to remove it to free up space that can be used for other belongings.

Utilize Your Walls

Walls are spaces that are often the most underutilized. By using hooks, shelves and hangers, you can not only make more use of the space in your home, but depending on what you choose to hang, you can also improve the aesthetics of your house.

Use Carts

Carts can be especially useful for old homes because the carts can be wheeled to whichever location is the most convenient. If there is a space that you will not be using for a few hours, the cart can be wheeled to that space. If the cart is in the way, it can be simply moved. To free up space in an old home, you need to think outside-the-box. But doing so will make your home much more functional.

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8 February 2016

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