Keeping Your Private Library Safe In Your Self Storage Unit


If you are in the process of moving to a new home, you may have decided to safeguard some of your belongings in a storage unit in the interim. If you have an extensive book collection, special steps will need to be taken to ensure they are well-protected while being stored. Because of the fragile nature of the paper books are made from, use the following tips to keep them from premature wear or deterioration.

Clean Each Book Before Storing

It is important to clean your reading collection before bringing it into a storage unit. Small insects can be present upon the spines or covers of your treasured books, giving your unit the risk of an infestation if these stowaways make it inside. To alleviate this scenario, wipe down each book with a piece of microfiber cloth to remove any small creatures. This will also remove debris which could have moisture present on your books. Moisture would lead to higher humidity levels in your unit, which in turn can lead to mold on your books as a result. Harder to remove debris can be done with the help of a soft-bristled brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner.

Place Books On Shelves Properly

Books will fare well in a location where they can breathe rather than being placed into containers. The acidic nature of the composition of many books' paper make it necessary to watch what type of shelving unit you use for your prized possessions. Opt for a metal shelving unit rather than one made from wood. Wood shelving that does not have a protective sealant over it could emit acidic vapor into your storage unit. This vapor causes books to wear. Stack books on the shelves horizontally in piles or vertically with like-sized books to either side of each individual book. Placing books haphazardly with different sizes on shelves can cause the spines to bend due to inadequate support.

Contain Books In The Right Enclosures

Rather than using plastic storage containers to hold your books, opt for cardboard boxes. This will allow your books to breathe and there is less chance of moisture becoming trapped in the enclosure with your reading material. Archival boxes work well for books that hold value. These are made from acid-free cardboard, allowing the structure of the book to remain intact when they are kept inside. Make sure to use new boxes rather than reuse old ones. Older boxes could have tears or worn out corrugation in the cardboard, which could lead to bending of your books if something were to fall or scrape the box accidentally while you shift things around in your unit. Contact a business, such as National Self Storage - Denver, for more information.   


9 April 2016

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