A Few Must Have Accessories For Storage Units


Just because it is a storage unit, it doesn't have to be stacks of cardboard boxes containing your belongings. Unless you are using it for a very short time, perhaps a week or two while you move your household, having a place for everything will save you a lot of time when you have to find something. As you are getting ready to rent your first storage unit, and start filling it, here are some accessories that will make the whole experience better.


While you can't nail shelves to the walls of a rented storage space, you can bring free-standing shelving units. To make use of as much space as possible, get them as high as possible. You should also make sure that the individual shelves are adjustable so you can fit either tall or short things on them as needed. This prevents the chance of one box crushing the one underneath it. If possible, get one unit for every type of stored belonging, such as one for Christmas decorations, one for camping gear, etc.

Portable Closets

Portable closets are basically a closet pole on a frame, often with wheels, and some type of vinyl covering. If you are going to be storing off-season clothing, these can make your life much easier. Take the clothes out of your closet, hangers and all, and take them to the storage unit. Now you can hang them in the portable closet, toss in a moth ball if necessary, and zip up the covering. When the seasons change, you won't have to worry about wrinkled or mildewed clothing.


Besides actual items to help with storage, you should also be sure to have a step stool or small ladder in the unit. This will help when you need to get a box or something off one of the higher shelves. A good flashlight is also a good idea to have right inside the door. While many units do have some type of lighting in them, light bulbs can pop at any time, and usually do so when you need them most. Plus, if your unit is packed tightly, the overhead light might not reach to everything well.

A neatly arranged storage unit provides better protection for your belongings; you won't have to go digging through everything to find what you need. It might take a bit of extra time when first storing everything, but as you go back and forth, exchanging things, it will be much easier. Contact facilities like Liberty Self Storage for availability and pricing. 


18 March 2016

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