Common Questions From First-Time Self-Storage Renters


Self-storage units give people a convenient way to store things that they don't have space for right now but will need later. If you're downsizing, moving, or simply looking to get seasonal decorations out of your way, then renting a self-storage unit makes sense. But if this is your first time doing so, you may have some of the following questions.   Are self-storage units safe? It's common for first-time customers to be worried that their things won't be secure, or that they might be stolen.

6 December 2022

What To Consider When Choosing A Storage Facility


There are many reasons you might decide to rent a storage unit to store some of your belongings. Whether you need a place to store items temporarily or you're looking for a long-term solution, there are plenty of storage facilities to choose from based on your exact needs. To find the best place for you, ask yourself the following questions, so you know which features you'll need. How Long Will You Be Renting the Unit?

16 August 2022

Storage Can Help You Clean Your Cluttered Home


If your home has become cluttered and messy throughout the years, it can be hard to get it looking great again. When you have a house full of things, and you are limited on the space you have available to move them around or even go through them, then getting your home back in order can seem like more of a dream than a possibility. However, there are self-storage units you can rent that can help you to reclaim your home from all of that clutter that's accumulated for a long time.

14 June 2022

3 Ways Storage Units Can Benefit Your Business


As the name suggests, storage units are rooms or lockers where clients store their valuables at a fee. In most cases, people rent the space on a short-term basis, but you can do so for as long as you want. Though storage units are usually associated with personal use, they also come in handy when running a business. Read on to find how they can benefit your business. 1. Reduced Clutter

16 February 2022