Common Questions From First-Time Self-Storage Renters


Self-storage units give people a convenient way to store things that they don't have space for right now but will need later. If you're downsizing, moving, or simply looking to get seasonal decorations out of your way, then renting a self-storage unit makes sense. But if this is your first time doing so, you may have some of the following questions.  

Are self-storage units safe?

It's common for first-time customers to be worried that their things won't be secure, or that they might be stolen. But the fact is, most self-storage companies go to great lengths to ensure their facilities are secure against theft. They wouldn't stay in business very long if their customers were having things stolen. If you're concerned about security, visit the location ahead of time and look for features such as cameras, gates with entry codes, and security guards. Many storage facilities have all three.

Are self-storage units heated?

That depends on the facility. If the units are advertised as climate-controlled, then yes, they are heated. They are also humidity-controlled and probably air-conditioned in the summer. If there is no mention of climate control, then what you're renting is likely more akin to an unheated garage. This can be a perfectly suitable place to store some appliances or outdoor items, but you'll want climate control for linens, delicate items, and wood.

Are there locks on the storage units?

Some storage companies require you to bring your own padlock, but this is becoming less common as technology advances. These days, most storage units are equipped with a number-pad entry system. When you rent out the unit, you get to make your own code. Each time you visit, you punch it into the pad to open the lock on your storage unit door. If a company requires you to bring your own lock, they'll generally make this very clear from the get-go.

When can you visit the storage facility?

Some storage facilities have open hours, but many offer 24/7 access to their customers. That being said, you likely want to visit the storage facility for the first time and unload your things, while it is light out and while there is staff on the property. Every company has different hours, so you'll need to contact the storage facility to see what they are.

These answers should serve you well as you rent a storage unit for the first time. Contact a local self-storage service, such as Oak Storage, to learn more. 


6 December 2022

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