Options For Storage Trailer Rental Meet A Variety Of Needs


For moving, temporary storage of inventory overstock, or household decluttering, using a storage trailer for rent provides easily transported, secure storage on a short-term basis. A full range of trailer options exist ranging from basic cargo hauler styles to climate-controlled, prefabricated storage trailers ready to be offloaded at a construction site or new headquarters. When contemplating which type of storage trailer is required, it's best to assess a few different factors, including the duration of the rental, weatherproofing needs, and capacity.

Climate control and weatherproofing

A primary consideration when choosing a storage unit or trailer is the degree of weatherproofing required. Most storage trailers will feature enough weatherization to prevent the intrusion of rain or snow. However, basic units, such as those used for moving or basic cargo transport, may not be sealed or insulated enough to protect against basic humidity. While this situation is suitable enough for storing tools, outdoor items, certain inventory overflows, and some furniture, they are not OK for long-term storage of books, food, loose clothing or other textiles.

For lengthier storage of sensitive products like electronics or an entire household, a portable unit on a trailer can provide better protection. Many feature the ability to hook up an air conditioner or a dehumidifier and may have enough insulation to provide basic protection against weather extremes. 

Rental duration

For shorter-term rentals, basic trailers from a moving company or small metal containers shipped by trailer are an affordable option for weekly rentals. However, these short-term fees can add up over the course of months, making options designed for monthly or annual rental equally as affordable. Longer-term rental units, such as metal trailers and other prefabricated options, also feature more amenities, such as finished floors and walls in addition to climate control and home-quality insulation. When renting from any company, always inquire about savings on longer leases to obtain the best deal possible.

Storage capacity

Both traditional moving trailers and storage units transported by trailers are available in a variety of sizes. Trailers from moving companies can range from room-sized conveyances to larger options designed to move an entire home. Cargo trailers designed for 18-wheeler transport can also be rented for long-term storage and easy transport from site to site when ready. When storage needs are more complex and include a mixture of inventory stashing and inventory management, pop-up units moved by trailer are often the best option. 

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6 July 2023

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