4 Ways To Maximize Accessibility With A Storage Unit Rental


Renting a storage unit is not a difficult thing to do. However, finding one that provides you with easy accessibility from start to finish can prove challenging. You should prioritize beneficial features and qualities when looking for an appropriate storage unit for your needs.


Indoor storage is worth demanding for comfort and extra protection from weather-related problems. In a multi-story building, you should avoid using stairs to transport belongings. An elevator allows you to move small or heavy furniture, boxes, and items without trouble.

If you plan to store oversized possessions, you should measure the size of the elevator to determine whether you can fit your things comfortably. Going through this step will keep you from disassembling furniture that you would like to keep assembled if possible. The size of the elevator will either help you or hurt you with putting things into storage.


Another feature that impacts your ability to store items is the hallway dimensions. A wide hallway is preferable because it allows you to use a furniture dolly safely. Being able to push or pull heavy furniture on wheels around a storage facility will minimize the risk of getting injured.

Squeezing through a tight hallway makes it harder to protect your items. So, find a large one that will make it easier to store belongings and then remove them in the same condition.

Unit Door

Even after using an elevator and getting through a hallway, you must go through your storage unit door before storing anything in a secure place. If you like multiple unit sizes, you should measure each of them during in-person tours at each storage facility. Going with a slightly larger unit might give you enough clearance to store items without making changes.


To reach your storage unit, you must park outside at the facility itself. An ideal parking spot is one located right outside the entrance of a storage building. Also, you should prioritize a spot that allows you to use a hand truck and furniture dolly from your vehicle to the storage unit.

A storage company that makes multiple entrances for an enormous building is perfect for saving you time, effort, and physical labor. Minimizing how far you must walk with your belongings is easy to accomplish when you can park close to your storage unit's location.

Using these tips will help you rent and use a storage unit with incredible accessibility.


18 June 2021

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