3 Creative, Low-Cost Storage Solutions For Various Rooms Throughout The House


So, you're on a budget and you desperately need some storage space in the home that doesn't take hours to create? Here are three interestingly clever storage solution ideas for three different rooms that can be mixed and matched throughout the house:

1. In the Kitchen: Use a CD Rack to Store Tupperware Lids.

The dreaded Tupperware. It is virtually impossible to neatly store those lids and containers. This is particularly true if you have kids. Luckily, you can make things a lot easier and neater by incorporating a metal CD rack in one of your kitchen drawers. You can place a lid in each CD slot, which keeps them organized, upright and easy to see and grab. For optimal viewing, start with the larger lids in the back and work your way to the front with the smaller lids.

2. In the Office: Use a Wine Rack to Store Pencils, Pens, Etc.

If you have an old wine rack in the house or can find one at a local thrift store or garage sale, then you can use it to make some creative storage for all of your writing utensils and other small office supplies (think paperclips, thumbtacks, etc.). Before you can storage these items, though, you'll want to get some cheap plastic glasses to place in each wine slot. This same idea could be transformed to hold all of your craft essentials in your crafting room. Regardless of where or how you use this storage idea, you will have everything that you need at any given time within easy grasp.

3. In the Bathroom: Use Lightweight Baskets to Store Hair Accessories.

When you're limited on space in the bathroom, even the tiniest hair accessories can look like a tornado swept through the space. To keep these little items organized, consider opening your vanity cabinet and utilizing the space on the back of the door. You can get some small metal or plastic utility hooks to secure to the back of the door to hold up some small, lightweight baskets. You can store hair clips, hair bands and other tiny accessories in these to keep them out of the way, yet within reach.

If it turns out that none of these organization and storage ideas give you enough room for your stuff, you may want to speak to a general contractor to see how more storage can be achieved in the house and where. If all else fails, you may need to turn a self-storage unit like those at Econo Storage

into a personal storage space for items that aren't used all the time or into your very own craft studio.  


4 November 2015

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