Stock Your Thrift Shop With Self-Storage Auctions


No matter if you already have a thrift shop or you are planning to open one up soon, getting enough stock to earn a decent profit is important. If you have been visiting yard sales and flea markets to gather used clothing and other goods for filling the shelves of your thrift shop, you may be spending too much. Check out how you can get a lot of thrift shop merchandise by participating in self-storage auctions.

Shop From The Comfort Of Your Home

If you wonder about which self-storage companies are having auctions, you can check online and join public online auctions. Online auctions make it easier for you to have greater choices from more than one company auction. Bidding is simple and you can have the goods you purchase shipped to you. However, the downside to online auctions is you usually get an entire unit filled with someone's abandoned property, so it is similar to buying a huge grab bag of assorted surprising goodies.

Calculating How Much You Will Spend

Before you start bidding at self-storage auctions, making a strict budget for doing so is important. When you make a bid on a unit filled with property, you may only be able to view the few items visible in the front of it. Anything else will be pot luck, so setting a limit on your bidding can help you avoid a higher price for goods you will never resale in your thrift shop. Always make sure the property you can see is desirable and something you think you can sell for getting back your money and making a profit as well.

Preparing Your Auction Items For Sale In Your Shop

Cleaning up the property you plan to sell is important, especially if there is clothing or furniture with fabric on it. By thoroughly washing your new inventory, you can reduce the chances of spreading pests like lice and bed bugs. Investing in chemicals and cleaners especially formulated for exterminating these kinds of pests is a good idea for any thrift shop owner.

When You Get Lucky

Sometimes, you may get lucky and end up getting expensive antiques or other extremely valuable property at a self-storage auction. While you can choose to sell valuable property in your shop, you might also consider visiting professionals like antique collectors to get a better price.

In today's tough economic times, more people than ever before are shopping at thrift shops to save money on items like clothing and home furnishings. By stocking your shop for the lowest possible investment, you have greater chances of earning decent profits. Talk to a storage center, like Back Acres Mini-Storage & Mobile Home Park, to learn more about buying items from abandoned units.


17 September 2015

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