Three Ways To Organize Your Storage Trailer


Renting a storage trailer to provide a temporary home for some of your possessions is convenient when you're renovating your home or business or tackling another project that requires you to move items out of your space. Unlike relocating your items to a storage facility, filling a trailer located in your home's driveway or your business' parking lot gives you convenient access to what you need. It's easy to allow a renovation project to become overwhelming, which can prompt you to load the trailer as quickly as possible in order to clear the space in your building. This approach, however, can make it a nightmare when you need to retrieve something. Instead of rushing through the process, here are three ways to successfully organize your trailer so you'll be able to find what you need in the future.

Pack The Right Way

It's valuable to take a bit of time to pack your items in a logical manner. Sort through the possessions that you need to relocate to the storage trailer and pack similar items together. You should also make meticulous notes during the packing process; assign each box with a number and take a moment to list each box's items on a sheet of paper. For example, if you're packing up your office, one entry on your list could read, "Box #7: Accounts receivable, 2014." Investing adequate time in packing the right way increases your ability to find what you need quickly at a later date.

Load Around The Perimeter

An effective way to load a storage trailer is to work around the perimeter rather than push all your boxes to the back and continue loading the space until it's full. The latter will prevent you from navigating the trailer to find what you need, but working around the perimeter and leaving a narrow walkway will give you access to the entire trailer. When you stack your boxes along the walls, take the time to place the boxes you don't expect to need in the near future at the bottom, while placing those that you anticipate accessing toward the top.

Map The Location

If you're really dedicated to organizing your storage trailer, you can sketch a map of the approximate location of each box. Since your boxes probably won't be in numerical order, a homemade map of the placement of each box will allow you to find and retrieve specific items with ease. Take copies of your packing list and map and leave a copy of the two documents inside the storage trailer in an easy-to-access location. Contact a rental service, like Mar-Rube Trailer Rental, for more tips.


10 September 2015

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