Secure Your Property With Confidence And Without Waste - A Size Guide For Storage Units


Balancing the requirements of storage with the necessity of getting the greatest amount of productivity out of your space can be a difficult challenge for any home or business owner. Commercial self storage facilities offer a fiscally sound alternative that can guarantee proper storage and securing of your belongings, but many people hesitate to rent such a unit out of a fear of wasting their rent money or having inadequate space.

The best way to combat that fear is by informing yourself of the storage characteristics of various common self storage units. Below, you'll find a size guide that should help guide you down that path, allowing you to make the right selection to secure your belongings for years to come.


Among the smallest storage units that are typically available, a 5x10 unit is an excellent choice for a student looking to stash the contents of a dorm room for the summer. The ability to stack several medium sized boxes as well as a mattress and bed frame should guarantee that your essential possessions remain secure.

A 5x10 unit can be very useful for a business professional as well. If you're transitioning from one office environment to another but need a place to store your important documents and small pieces of furniture, a 5x10 storage unit is a cost effective solution for a seamless move.


There are many situations where you may find yourself with enough items to store that it appears as though an entire home is in your unit. Combining your belongings when moving in with someone else or ending up with the extra contents following an estate sale can leave you scrambling for a space large enough to accommodate your needs, and a 10x20 unit is that space.

Because a 10x20 unit is also roughly the size of a one car garage, it may also be an excellent option for vehicle storage. Make sure that you check with your storage facility to verify that cars may be kept in units for storage.


If you're refurbishing your home or caught in an awkward transition while moving, a 10x30 unit may be necessary to fulfill your needs. Typically the largest commercially available storage unit, a 10x30 will comfortably fit all of the belongings and furnishings from a standard three bedroom house. This huge amount of room will also allow you to freely move about your items, giving you easy access to things which may need to move in and out of your unit at will. Contact a local storage facility, like All American Mini Storage, to find the best size for your needs.


9 September 2015

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