Three Ways to Save On the Cost of Your Storage Unit


When you've had enough of the extra items piling up inside your home but aren't yet ready to sell them at a garage sale, a logical alternative is to rent a unit at a mini storage facility. This space can help you clear out your home and can serve as a temporary location for the items that you don't use on a regular basis but that you still wish to keep. If you're on a budget, the cost of renting a storage space shouldn't serve as a deterrent to the organizational benefits from doing so. While opting for a smaller unit is often cost-effective, there are other ways to help save money on the cost of the rental.

Split the Space

Don't overlook one of the simplest ways to reduce the cost of your storage unit—by sharing the space with a trusted friend or family member. This strategy is especially valuable if you don't have enough possessions to fill the unit and you're concerned with the wasted space but have too many things for a smaller, less-expensive unit. It shouldn't be difficult to find someone with whom you're acquainted who also has a desire to rent space at a mini storage facility. Whether you decide to split the space equally or break it up in another way, you can divide the payments accordingly and end up with more money in your pocket at the end of the month.

Pay in Advance

Paying your storage bill monthly is ideal if you expect to use the space only on a month-by-month basis, but many mini storage companies will provide discounts to customers who pay in advance for a year's rental space. If you're sure that you intend to use the storage space for a long period of time and you also have the financial means to pay a larger amount up front, ask the rental agent how much money you can save by paying for the entire year in advance.

Ask about Discounts

It's never a bad idea to ask about any potential discounts before you sign the rental agreement. Given the proliferation of mini storage companies in several communities, many businesses offer discounts to new customers. For example, you might get the first month free if you rent the space for a certain number of months or you could get a complimentary upgrade to a larger unit, which saves you money by providing more storage space for less money. 

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27 August 2015

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