How To Pack Up And Store Holiday Decorations


After the holidays are over, it is time to pack up and store your holiday decorations. By packing them properly, you can keep the lights from getting knotted up and the tree from being invaded by insects while they are stored. Here are some tips for packing the decorations so you don't have a mess when you retrieve them next year.

Use the Right Box for Your Tree

One of the first things you will need to pack up after the holidays are over is your Christmas tree. One thing to remember is that if you are using an artificial tree, you should never store it in the box it came in. This is likely a flimsy cardboard box that is now hard to put back together. Even if you can get it taped around your tree when you take it down, it isn't going to provide much protection for your tree. Instead, use either a box or a bag specifically intended for Christmas trees. These provide better storage so the tree doesn't bend and actually seal completely so insects won't get inside.

Roll Up Your Christmas Lights

The Christmas lights probably give you a hassle every year when you retrieve them. Instead of taking hours to untangle the lights every November, why not roll them up properly this year? You can do this by getting a plastic reel at your local hardware store and rolling the lights around it. Plastic reels are inexpensive and come in different sizes. You can store one set of lights on each reel, or get larger reels to roll multiple lights on them. They keep the lights from tangling and make them easy to store.

Re-Use Wrapping Paper and Tissue Paper

When you receive gifts every holiday season, save all of the tissue paper. It can be used to wrap delicate items, such as ornaments from your tree and various glass items you don't want to break. This keeps you from having to purchase new tissue paper every time you pack up items. You should not use newspaper since the print can transfer to some of the items. If you have scraps of wrapping paper, they can be used in empty spaces when packing items, such as between different ornaments. Crumple up the scraps and use it as extra protection in your boxes.

Make a "Priority" Box

Finally, pack a box that is labeled as "priority." This is a box that should be opened first when you are retrieving items during the next holiday season. It should include essential items like power strips, hooks for your Christmas ornaments, gift labels, and the Christmas tree stand. It helps to have these essential items in a single box so it is easy to find them.

When it comes to storing holiday decorations, consider storing them in as self-storage unit, like those at Statewide Self Storage. If you leave them in your garage, family members might move the boxes around when finding other things and accidentally damage some of the items. You can also get a climate-controlled unit that deters pests and keeps decorations from being damaged from moisture.


27 August 2015

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